Photography is the craft of evoking emotion & telling a visual story with still images- not just capturing moments with a ‘snapshot’. This is serious business, but its my passion too. Each image is treated as its own piece of art. Every element in each photograph is hand chosen, or included and composed intentionally. Utilizing practical skills developed in the field, and from hours, months, & years of classical classroom training & critique. Using a developed skillset and a professional toolset, Packages are available for any budget and amendments can be made to any of them.
Through photography, a well documented special event becomes unforgettable.

Please feel free to contact me directly for creative ideas or suggestions. Creative collaborations is one of the most rewarding endeavors.

Packages available for every budget.

Combo packages, Baby’s First Year, Newborn, & Maternity packages are also available upon request. Not all photography needs are the same – though, ultimately, we want the same thing: amazing imagery to be proud of.

Contact directly to co-create a custom package for your specific needs.


Some of the package options available here.

LoveMore Photography

We offer packages for every business and budget

Here are some commission pricing packages. ANY plan can be tailored to Your needs.

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